Teacher of Color Recruitment Recruitment Fair

Feb 3 @ Cliff Valley School, Atlanta

11:30AM - TOC Session  - Whats the Big Deal about Teaching at Independent Schools -Get the Inside tip on the many benefits of teaching at private schools, Pk-12th grade.  This very insightful session covers, resume review, interviews, recruitment and placement.  It is a great introduction for all educators.  Free and open to the Public

12:30 - 2:30PM - 2018 TOC School Fair featuring:

2018 List of Schools
Atlanta International School, GA

Atlanta Montessori International School, GA

++**Bolles School, FL

Brearley School, NY

Centennial Academy, GA

Clark County School District, NV

Cliff Valley School, GA

Columbia Public Schools, MO

Francis Xavier Warde School, IL

Friends Academy, NY
Friends School of Atlanta, GA

Girls Preparatory School, TN

Globe Academy, GA

++Harvard-Westlake School, CA

**​Hockaday School, TX

**Lake Forest Academy, IL

Lead Public Schools, TN

Lovett School, GA

++Maine Township HS District 207, IL

Marist School, GA

​Midtown International School, GA

​Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, GA

New Hope Christian Academy, TN

New York City Department of Education, NY

​Pace Academy, GA

Paideia School, GA

**​Phillips Academy, MA

​Portland Public Schools, OR

​Propel Schools, PA

++San Diego Unified School District, CA

++​Seed School of Miami, FL

Sidwell Friends School, DC

St. Benedict's Episcopal School, GA

St. Martin's Episcopal School, GA

**​St. Paul's School, NH

​St. Teresa's Academy, MO

Tatnall School, MD

Trinity Preparatory School, FL

University Prep, WA

University School of Nashville, TN

Walker School, GA

Wesleyan School, GA

​~~>>CalWest Educators Placement, CA

...and growing!
~~>>CALWEST Educators Placement, CA
++Resume Sharing Only
**Boarding School
>>Placement Agency
~~2018 TOC Sponsor


8 AM -11:30 AM
8:00AM -WNC Registration
- This event requires a fee.
8:30AM - WNC Breakfast
WNC Session 1
- Breaking In and Mentoring - From the resume to the hiring contract, seasoned administrators will share strategies for getting your foot in the door and planting your feet in a great school.  This session also helps identify potential mentors, access organizations and tips to navigate the school's professional landscape. All of this coming from mentors and school administrators.

10AM - WNC Session 2 - Making that Next Step - So you completed a killer resume, got hired, secured a terrific mentor, now what. The story doesn't end here. What else should you be doing to get to the next level.  Our seasoned professionals will share advancement strategies.​

Location:  Cliff Valley School, 2426 Clairmont Rd, 

Atlanta, GA 30329
​Free campus parking.  Accessible by MARTA.

For more information: Email:  teachers@teacherofcolor.info  OR check us out at www.teacherofcolor.info  Terry Williams, Executive Director and Founder, Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs
Website:  www.teacherofcolor.info    

E-mail: terry@teacherofcolor.info 
(Some scheduled events are linking/networking opportunities.)

Feb 3

Women Navigating Careers in Independent Schools 

Networking Breakfast

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Terry Williams, Publisher & Executive Director
Teacher of Color Recruitment

P.O. Box 371595, Decatur, GA  30037


Resume collection is open.

The Women Navigating Careers Breakfast (WNC) is a unique opportunity for educators and candidates to interact and share with and learn from hiring managers at the top private schools in the US.  Establish new connections during breakfast with several school representatives who will panel on pertinent hiring issues from resume prep to mentoring to hiring and career development.  Join us for this open exchange on how to get hired and soar at private schools as a teacher.