​13th Annual Teacher of Color Recruitment Season

Cancellations, Refunds & Changes: 
TOC & BPF will operate "rain or shine" on their scheduled dates. There will be no "snow date" and TOC/BPF cannot be responsible for travel problems resulting from weather or any other reason. Because of the high cost inherent in planning and guaranteeing the event, there can be no refund of any portion of the registration fee for any reason. This constitutes a request for Black Parents Forum, Teacher of Color Recruitment Fairs and Women in Navigating Careers in Independent Schools to confirm this reservation and receive payment which completes the registration. ​
Terry Williams, Director - terry@teacherofcolor.info
Young Horizons Indigo, PO Box 371595, Decatur, GA  30037.


2019 Registration Opens September 1

Schools are invited to participate in next year's event on Feb 9, 2019.  Late registration extended until January 20.  This year our event is hosted at Cliff Valley School, ​2426 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA 

Choose from these 3 subscription options:
TOC Subscription 1 - TOC Full Participation - $525 per school     

October 1 - May 1

Registration until May 1 for Full access subscription which includes:

  • TOC Fair Invitation with reservation deadline              
  • Receive resumes until May 1
  • Submit free job postings on our TOC Google Site until May 1
  • Listing on our TOC Webpage with direct link to school webpage until May 1
  • ​Admits 2 reps.  Additional reps are $130 each.

TOC Subscription 2 - TOC Resume Sharing $325 per school      
October 1 - May 1

  • Receive Resumes only

TOC Suscription 3 - Teacher of Color Placement Services        October 1 - May 1
Teacher of Color Placement Services - Provides percentage placement fee for schools per candidate.  ​For more information please contact Terry Williams - teachers@teacherofcolor.info

2019 School Registration Deadline - May 1 Schools can register for limited subscriptions until May 1. 

Make payments via PAYPAL or make checks payable to: Young Horizons Indigo, PO Box 371595, Decatur, GA  30037.  Schools registering before May 1, 2018 will receive all resumes.  2017 TOC Resume Sharing Ends May 1, 2018.  For more info contact Terry Williams - teachers@teacherofcolor.info

 Due to a little football game happening here in the Atlanta metro area on Feb 3, 2019 we have decided to change the date of our #TOC13 to FEBRUARY 9, 2019 at Cliff Valley School in Atlanta. The 53rd Super Bowl is scheduled for Feb 3 in Atlanta.  I apologize for any inconvenience but I think its best to change our date for the TOC given the lack of hotel accommodations, limited mobility and access in the Atlanta metro area for that weekend of Feb 2, 2019.  We enjoy the 1st weekend date for our TOC and hope to resume that date in 2020.  TW


New Date:  Feb 9, 2019 in ATLANTA